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What do we look for in a new neighbourhood

February 16, 2011

Taking care of the design and construction of each development is one of the most important aspects of our business, but finding a neighbourhood where people enjoy living in is just as important. What makes a great home, is a great neighbourhood. Thirty-five years in the business has given us a good “nose” when it comes to sniffing out emerging communities.

When deciding on a new neighbourhood the first questions we ask are: “Would we like to live here and why?” We try to imagine ourselves as residents of the area. We approach current community members and ask what they like most about the neighbourhood, what makes them passionate about living there? The answers we receive help shape the plans for our new development.

There are many fantastic communities in Ottawa, some emerging and some already mature- we find both attractive. We especially like areas where amenities such as restaurants and stores are within walking distance and feel that a desirable urban lifestyle includes the luxury of spending less time in your car.