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Megan Port’s Stylish Hintonburg Condo

February 7, 2014


Name: Megan Port

Occupation: High School Phys. Ed. teacher + works casually at the Civic Hospital

Size: 707 square feet + 50 square feet of balcony

Years lived in: purchased in 2011, moved in March 2013

Domicile building: One3One, 131 Holland

Neighbourhood: Hintonburg/ Wellington West

Megan grew up in Kanata, but always knew she wanted to move to the Wellington West area. She loves that she can walk to everything. She can round up  her groceries, flowers, coffee and a little something for the house all in one shot. A typical Saturday for her is picking up some fresh bagels at the Bagel Shop, stocking up on groceries at Herb & Spice, maybe a quick pop-in at Blueprint to admire new furniture pieces in their showroom, grabbing a coffee from Bridgehead or lunch at Thyme & Again.

Megan is very active. She notes that one of her favourite things about the neighbourhood is that she is close to all the great outdoor activities Ottawa has to offer. In the summertime, she can run along the river to the War Musuem and downtown, bike to the Gatineau hills and walk to her job at the hospital on the weekends. While winter doesn’t slow her down, on extra blustery days, she sticks to the gym in the building.

When it comes to most things in her life, Megan knows what she wants. And her condo is no exception. From her early meetings with our Design department, she knew which upgrades she was interested in, especially her wine fridge in the kitchen; the colours that she wanted in her condo; even some of the furniture pieces she wanted to invest in. Megan has a strong sense of her personal style and that is reflected in her living space.

Define your style: “Comfortable modern with contemporary elements. I love the trendy combination of walnut and iron in furniture pieces.”

One thing Megan learned while she was styling and decorating her place is that colour is good. Originally, she was inspired by greys and muted tones. After mapping out the condo and where things would go, she realized that creating a monochrome space would be too boring for her taste. She gradually brought in colour, starting with mustard, and progressing on to magenta and blue hues. Now her place is vibrant and full of life.

What do your friends say: “When can I move in?” One of her girlfriends even uses Megan’s condo as a quiet oasis when she needs a break from her hubby and two rambunctious youngsters.

Favourite piece(s): “Probably the two houndstooth chairs from Fraser in Montreal. I chose the style of chair that I liked and then customized the fabric. These chairs are contemporary and timeless. I will definitely have these guys for a long time.”

You’ll notice that Megan has a pretty extensive art collection for a first time buyer. She credits this to her many talented friends, Etsy and bit of her own craftiness. Megan commissioned her good friend, artist and real estate agent, Dave Casey, to paint the two landscape pieces you see in her living room. She gave him a few ideas about elements of his paintings that she loved and then let his artistic flair take care of the rest. This piece does a great job of  pulling together all the colours Megan used in her home. Another statement piece is the vintage airplane inspired piece by Dave O’Malley of Aerographics design, who is often recognized for his work for Bluesfest and Vintage Wings. Megan also enlisted the help of her designer friend, Maggie Prodger, to create some of the geometric prints hanging in her kitchen and bathroom. If you are strapped on cash or are just looking for an inexpensive but cool way to freshen up your space, try Megan’s tip: frame a few pieces of your favourite wrapping paper or funky greeting cards to give new life to your walls.


DSC_8445 DSC_8484


 DSC_8562 DSC_8561



   DSC_8548  DSC_8528



 DSC_8517  DSC_8513


DSC_8490  DSC_8497


DSC_8498 DSC_8500




DSC_8573 DSC_8420

Megan is looking forward to spring, so she can enjoy the outdoor rooftop terrace in her building. DSC_8577

 Photography shot by Christopher Schlesak