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Domicile Speaker Series: Spring Recap

June 16, 2016

Springtime was action packed at The Corners on Main, and not only because eager buyers wanted to see what TCOM had to offer!

When the Domicile Team first envisioned the TCOM presentation centre, we were eager for the space to achieve its full potential. In other words, we hoped to expand beyond the model suite, the floor plans, and the sample finishes to offer something more. Old Ottawa East is a community with a history, where neighbours have known each other for decades. As the new kids on the block in an area undergoing significant change, we identified an opportunity to act as a bridge from our buyers to their new community. In turn, we could provide a space for established residents of Old Ottawa East to interact with those whose future homes on Main have yet to be built. Of course, some TCOM buyers are proud Old Ottawa East residents already, and we wanted to celebrate that, too! Main Street is under construction, but that wasn’t going to stop us from inviting everyone over for some intellectually engaging, community-targeted fun; hence the Domicile Speaker Series was created.

Whether you attended one event, many, or perhaps weren’t able to make it, we’ve got some photos below to give you a taste.

We hope to see you all again when the Domicile Speaker Series returns this autumn!

Full Event List

Bike To The Future on April 30th (with artifacts and replicas from The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology and tune-ups from Cyco’s Bike Shop)

Birding with Bruce DiLabio on May 7th (with The Ottawa Citizen’s high-profile bird columnist)

Lost in Old Ottawa East on May 12th (with Dave McGee from Lost Ottawa, the popular Facebook group dedicated to old photographs from the city)

Art & Design- Quick Fix on June 6th (with 8 local artists and creators featured within the sales centre)

Everyday Mindfulness on June 15th (with Lakshmi Sundaram, counselor, workshop facilitator and PhD candidate at St. Paul University)


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