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Buyer Spotlight: Miranda- Part of the Domicile Family!

December 8, 2016

Miranda D’Aiuto has worked for Domicile for three years. A graduate of Algonquin College’s Interior Decorating program with a lifelong passion for décor, Miranda has become a valued member of the Domicile team, and has spent countless hours with our buyers ensuring they have the opportunity to make informed interior design decisions- with gorgeous results.

Her career path has led her to a big purchase this year- a home of her very own at Domicile’s The Corners on Main.

I sat down with Miranda in the Domicile New Home Centre on Richmond Road for a Q&A regarding the pre-construction process, her choices for colours and finishes, and her reasons for purchasing at The Corners On Main.


What made you decide on your unit? Which unit is it?

There are a lot of one bedroom apartments out there. This one is special because it has a generous terrace, high ceilings (almost 12’) that don’t have any dropped portions, and a spacious living area.

I chose a unit on the first floor called the ‘Graham’ – it’s a one of a kind unit in the building. The Elliot is a variation on this unit but doesn’t have the big terrace.




Is it hard to make these decisions without a visual of the space?

I know that it can be, and it is for most of the purchasers I meet with, but I’m fortunate enough to work with these floor plans and finishes all day. I’ve designed so many condos – at this point I can see them in my sleep.






What is the biggest upgrade you made?

The majority of the upgrades fell under the umbrella of pre-construction changes rather than colours and finishes. Even during pre-construction, I didn’t do much.  The space is well-designed and because the space is limited, it doesn’t allow for much variation on the original plan. I expanded the island and reconfigured parts of the kitchen to include a chimney hood-fan and more storage. I ‘deleted’ a closet to expand the living space.

I hardly made any upgrades on finishes– the standard selections are solid! I spent roughly $500 on a few minor things.dsc_8006


What are some of your favourite finishes available for The Corners?

When we put together the finishes package for this project, we really wanted to make sure there was an appealing set of standard choices. The tile selection is great. There are a lot of options to choose from and there’s a great mix of contemporary and traditional.

Light hardwood is in style again. There’s a running joke around here about how much I love grey. Lucky for me our hardwood supplier just came out with a new pale grey stain, called “Aries.” I’m a bit obsessed with it, and was happy to be able to use it in my home. I love my white quartz countertops and pale grey shaker cabinets. The 4″ x 4″ white tiles I’m using for my backsplash will be installed in a diamond pattern. I wanted to do something simple here, as my backsplash extends all the way to the ceiling and I didn’t want it to be too busy.


What do you like the most about The Corners On Main?

This is my second time buying with Domicile. We’re very happy with our current place (at The Radcliffe on Breezehill Ave. South) but I’m drawn to the location of The Corners on Main. I grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, but after moving to Ottawa for University, I’ve come to call it my second home, and recognize that Domicile builds in the best neighbourhoods in the city. Old Ottawa East and Main Street have such a promising future.dsc_7997

What are some of the highlights of your finishes/colours meetings with our buyers?

I always say that picking the finishes is the “fun part.” And I would say that for the most part, the buyers agree. This process allows them to be creative and visualize their new home coming together. The best part is seeing how excited they are once they’ve nailed down all their choices.

Thanks for everything you do for our buyers, Miranda! Congratulations on your new home.

The Corners on Main Phase 1 is currently under construction, and Phase 2 is selling now. Find out more at, or stop in at the award-winning Presentation Centre.