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Buyer Spotlight: Kavanaugh’s Nearly Newlyweds

July 4, 2016


Meet Caroline and Miguel!

Names: Caroline Laforest and Miguel Labreche

Occupations: Caroline- Transport Canada, Miguel- Department of National Defence

Together for: 10 years

Condo Size: 750 Sq./Ft

Move in Date: Sept 2015



DSC_4129Together, Caroline Laforest and Miguel Labreche radiate warm, positive energy. In the presence of two people in love the way they are, you can’t help but smile. The pair are to be married this August, and the excitement in the air for their pending nuptials is palpable.DSC_4137 Marriage, for them, is a lifelong companionship and union. It’s a “commitment to be together through the good and the bad”. But there are some milestone commitments that have been made already. One notable decision for the couple was to purchase their first home together at The Kavanaugh in Beechwood Village.

Caroline, 27,  and Miguel, 29, were kind enough to invite me into their home. After showing me around the place, they agreed to spend the rest of the evening exploring the neighbourhood with a third wheel in tow! We toured the area on our bikes, visiting local hot spots Jacobson’s Gourmet Concepts and Ola Cocina!


Are you both from Ottawa?

We were both born here, and raised in Orléans.

DSC_4179   DSC_4162DSC_4176  DSC_4169

Is this your first home together?

This is our first home together, yes. We visited many new condo buildings in locations such as Westboro, Preston Street and in the market. However, none had a “home-y feel”. Some had a high modern look which is not our style and others were in very busy areas where we didn’t feel comfortable.


So why The Kavanaugh? 

Caroline: The Kavanaugh was an easy choice. Beechwood has a wonderful community feel while being in an urban setting just minutes from downtown. The quality of the show room (everything being a standard feature) was also a huge selling feature.

Miguel: We chose The Kavanaugh because of the urban location (with bike paths and a culinary scene), and its French culture.

DSC_4069  DSC_4092DSC_4072



Is there something you really love about your home? What interior pieces are you looking forward to purchasing in the future?

Caroline: I would probably say the floor plan and the finishes. We love the open floor plan, especially when we host friends. We don’t feel cramped. Also, the quality of the condo and the finishes are quite luxurious (without feeling ‘snobby’). I would like to furnish the den properly and purchase a new dining set!

Miguel: I love the size and design of the kitchen for a condo that’s 750 Sq. /Ft. I also love the BBQ. We are looking forward to purchasing some new pieces, as we currently have some hand me downs from different family members.


DSC_4235What about a condo made sense for the two of you?

We considered the proximity to the city vs. affordability. We are also quite active and enjoy that the condo is basically maintenance free. We travel a lot, so we don’t require a big home.

What are some hopes and dreams you have for future milestones?

Caroline: I would love to continue to travel. Next up- South Africa! I would also love to have a family in the near future.

Miguel: I’d like to have a pet in the near future. In five years, I’d like to have a family home and children. In ten years time, I look forward to travelling and owning a boat.


DSC_4293 DSC_4276

DSC_4281 DSC_4321


DSC_4351DSC_4404DSC_4440DSC_4430DSC_4414What do you love most about your neighbourhood? Any favourite spots?

Caroline: We LOVE Fraser Café. Also, we get city living with the feel of a community. I don’t have a vehicle, so being able to walk to the grocery store, bike to work, and have great pubs and restaurants all within reach is fantastic. Miguel and I also really enjoy taking our bikes out and going through Rockcliffe and along the Aviation Parkway.

Miguel: We love the location and the culture. Beechwood Cemetery, Rockcliffe Pond and the restaurants around Beechwood are some highlights.


While waiting for our table at Ola Cocina, we ran in to the Kirkpatrick family. You may remember them from our previous blog post on Kavanaugh residents, here! Back at Jacobson’s, we ran into Caroline and Miguel’s neighbours. It’s safe to assume there is a strong community presence in Beechwood Village, and residents are regular patrons of the wonderful local businesses just steps from their home.  A dinner for two at Ola Cocina (3 tacos each, with delicious rice and beans on the side) comes in at under $40. The fresh and colourful ingredients make for the perfect summer patio meal- and they do takeout!

DSC_4445  DSC_4469

DSC_4472  DSC_4466DSC_4456



With only two months to go until their August wedding (to be held at Notre-Dame Cathedral and The Museum of Nature), these two are very busy bees. They’ve got so much ahead of them, and we at Domicile are proud that they have chosen The Kavanaugh for their first start, and the first place they’ll call home as a married couple.

Félicitations et meilleurs vœux à vous deux pour votre mariage!