Beechwood Village Photo Walk


Join us for a Beechwood Village Photo Walk! Since this will be our first photo walk ever, we decided to call on a pro for assistance. Enter: Justin Van Leeuwen, part Ottawa photographer, part Social Media guru, all around comedic genius.  He has lead many walks in Ottawa, including one around Parliament Hill and a walk through the budding neighbourhood of Hintonburg, making him the perfect leader for our jaunt around Beechwood Village.

What is a photo walk? Well, Wikipedia says it “is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.” As riveting as that sounds, taking pictures and walking is WAY more fun when you do it as a group! We are inviting anyone with an interest in photography to come out Saturday, July 21st at 10am and join us as we stroll through this historic neighbourhood. All you need is a camera (doesn’t matter if you bring your flashy new DSLR or your iPhone- yes, Siri can come too) and some comfortable shoes.

We will meet on the patio at Bridgehead Coffee at 131 Beechwood Avenue. If you need to satisfy your quadruple-shot- soy-cappuccino-no-foam craving, we ask that you show up a little early, because this train is leaving at 10am sharp (a figurative train, of course). We’ll wind through the neighbourhood for about 2 hours and end at The Kavanaugh Sales Centre, where lunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

Afterwards, if you feel like it, you can hop online to our Facebook page and enter into our Capture the Kavanaugh photo contest– a chance to be displayed in a pop-up art gallery and win over $750 dollars worth of prizes from Beechwood Village businesses.

Sounds like fun, eh? Register for the photo walk here. Remember, space is limited, so claim your spot now.

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