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6 Years of Smoke-Free Condos: Our Top 6 Reasons

July 7, 2016



Our first smoke-free project, One3One

Domicile is on the front page of Smoke-Free Housing Ontario‘s brochure, aimed at encouraging developers to commit to smoke-free policies and properties. One might say we’re the poster child. Our shift to entirely smoke-free buildings began in 2010. We first took the leap with our One3One condominium on Holland Avenue, and haven’t looked back. Lucky for us, our buyers citywide have embraced the feature. We’ve compiled the top six reasons, outlined in Smoke-Free Housing Ontario’s brochure, that we’ve chosen to build smoke-free projects.

1. A Smoke-Free Home is a Value-Added Proposition:

This is a benefit for both developers and buyers. Consumers demand have shown increased concerns about the multitude of toxins in our environment. Completely smoke-free buildings are a response to those concerns. Homes exposed to smoke are proven harder to sell (due to stains, odors, health concerns), and an Ipsos survey found that smoking negatively impacted the resale value of properties by 29 percent.

2. A Smoke-Free Policy Reduces Residential Fires/Fatalities:

Put simply, a smoke-free building lowers the risk of fire. One in four home fire fatalities are caused by smoking accidents, according to the office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. Removing smoking from the equation effectively eliminates this leading fire hazard, and takes into account the safety of all residents in a multi-unit condo.

3. A Smoke-Free Policy Ensures a Healthier Environment: 

The US Surgeon General has stated that there is no safe level of smoke exposure. The substance is toxic, and second-hand smoke is linked to many illnesses including cancer, asthma and lung disease. ‘Thirdhand smoke’ is a toxic residue left behind in buildings where there is smoking and shared ventilation.

4. A Smoke-Free Policy Nullifies Ventilation Concerns:

Unfortunately, smoke does not stay put. Ducts, pipes, electrical outlets, exhaust fans, windows, doors and ceilings are just a few of the ways smoke can travel throughout a building. This can be frustrating for non-smokers, and prevention methods are costly and often ineffective.

5. A Smoke-Free Policy Clearly Defines Rules From Day 1:

Smoke-Free Housing Ontario encourages developers to have a policy in place from the beginning of occupancy, as it’s much more complicated to implement and enforce down the line. Our buyers are aware of our commitment to smoke-free environments when they purchase their home. A clear and consistent policy ensures all residents are ‘in the know’, and thereby far less likely to offend.

6. A Smoke-Free Policy is What We Believe In:

Some might consider a smoke-free policy discriminatory, but it’s important to remember that our policy restricts smoking, not smokers. This decision was our pledge towards cleaner, longer lasting buildings, and the health and safety of everyone inside. We think that makes us a better builder. As early adopters of smoke-free condos in Ottawa, we are proud to be ambassadors for our community, and as the only developer in the city to build entirely smoke-free, we stand alone.

For more information about smoke-free housing in Ontario, visit, or contact your local public health unit.